Beautiful France

Finistère : Pays d’Iroise

4 November 2018


voyage finistere pays iroise

I’d like to tell you more about the pays d’Iroise which is part of the Finistère in Brittany. I discovered this region randomly and I fell in love with it. We randomly spent there one week, as I found a house htere 10 days before departure. Continue Reading…


Pretty natural curls

28 October 2018

I made this video to give you my tips I use to boost and define my curls. If you don’t have afro or curl hair, you can’t reallt understand how difficult and long it may be to finally love your hair.  Continue Reading…


Kids : 5 Secondhand Clothes Websites

30 September 2018


selection vide dressing enfant bebe en ligne conseils

Today I wanted to share with you a selection of secondhand baby and children clothes online marketplaces. I already worte a post about the importance of recycling our clothes and doing it in the right place.  With children, you are faced with the concern of not consuming too much : for ethical, environmental and budget reasons ! So, you lend, give your children clothing, you reuse the elders clothes and now you also have secondhand online websites.  Whether to sell or buy children gently used clothes, here is my selection of online websites :  Continue Reading…

Beautiful France

Unicorn Rainbow Cake

30 May 2018

rainbow cake licorne recette

Last December, I made a unicorn raibow cake for my elder daughter who was celebrating her birthday with friends at home. And now reading these words, you imagine me as a Wonder Mum who makes perfect cakes for her children birthdays : ERROR ! If I’m not bad at all at cooking, it’s not for children that I do my best. Oups…..Yes now it’s said. Continue Reading…


I tried Enzymotherapy

23 May 2018

Enzymotherapy. What ?! There’s been a hair smoothing product in France for 2 years, and I haven’t tried it yet ?? It all began thanks to you : yeah YOU ! On my video dedicated to my various experiences about smoothing treatments, one of you recently asked me if I ever tested taninoplasty. First reaction : what is this thing ? Second : Google. Continue Reading…


Handmade in France Plates

15 May 2018

assiettes gres fabrication francaise aurelie dorard

In addition to my passion for beautiful homelinen, I have a passion for tableware (thanks to my grannies !) And I am not the alone, I wanted to share with you some deco crushes : here is a selection of made in France ceramic plates. Everything you need to make you happy or as gift ideas as Mother Day is coming. Everything is handmade, only craftwork far from logic of mass production.  Continue Reading…


The bride was wearing pants

4 April 2018

combinaison pantalon mariee laure de sagazan made in france

Here comes our traditional made in France outfits selection, but this year, I decided that the bride would be wearing pants : tuxedo, pants and top or overalls : it doesn’t matter, the idea is to give you ideas if you intend to wear pants for your wedding. Continue Reading…


Red Lips – Nude Eyes

30 March 2018

Today I have a new make-up video for you, same new format as the last one since I had positive feedback, and I’d like to thank you for that ! A small make-up tutorial I shot just before going out with friends : that day, I wanted a powerful effect on mouth, with a nice matte lipstick, and for the rest : a glowy complexion and nude eyes.  Continue Reading…