Oldies but Goodies !

21 February 2017

robe createur xuly bet made in france

Every season, we all want new stuff (shoes, clothes, jewels, etc…) that we really need. But in our dressing, they are some we don’t want to get rid of. This is my case: no more fashionable ? So what ! First of all there is a good chance that they will be fashionable again one day;  on the other hand, we love them so it’s enough to keep them, and it’s precisely that which makes our oufits original: THE good mix! That’s why I wanted to talk about “oldies” today: those so-called old clothes that actually aren’t. Continue Reading…



16 February 2017

st james casquette pull marin femme made in france

Here is the last Saint James sweater I bought to my man: a sailor sweater, a real one. I spotted this sweater while I was attending the MIF: a fair dedicated to French Manufacturing in Paris. As I was chatting with 2 guys of the St James team, I stopped saying “wow, I looooove your sweater“. Reference and color, please ! And that’s how it came on my gift listContinue Reading…


Shopping: signet rings

14 February 2017

chevaliere femme or argent made in france

Women signet rings are back ! And you can now find signet rings of all styles and materials, so it makes it easier to find your own. Personally, I have not yet succombed, although I sometimes really love some of those rings in fashion series or on Instagram.  Continue Reading…

Allez viens, on s’aime !

3 February 2017

french cocotte saint valentin made in france

February, we are in February and St Valentine’s Day is coming soon…I get tons of press releases on Valentine’s Day, and I’m pretty sure you couldn’t miss too. It’s a long long time ago that only florists and perfumers enjoined us to celebrate it ! Continue Reading…


Leo & Couture

25 January 2017

porter bas couture au quotidien

Leopard skirt and couture stockings: wow, now you think I changed my habits. No, let me reassure you for those who already follow me and sorry for the others who would have clicked compulsively: I wear a leopard print skirt, but it’s a midi length (hi hi !) AND I mix my couture stockings (real ones !) with low-boots.  All together with my Weill vintage coat that I truly love. Continue Reading…

Red !

4 January 2017

french cocotte jupe plissee midi made in france

What if we started the year with a look ? Well, obviously an indoor look, because it’s freeeeezing outside. I’m sure you don’t know how life is hard for fashion bloggers who have to shoot their outfits when it’s -2°C outside and when they have to drop off the coat because otherwise you won’t see anything.  Risky business believe me. And I have to say that my nose becomes red outside in winter, so indoor is far much better. Apart from this, I wanted to show you the lovely Incandescente pleated skirt which is part of the Midnight Collection you can find on French Cocotte e-shop. Continue Reading…


Mode en France for Devernois: Backstage

21 December 2016

pull devernois fabrication francaise collection lab

Early december I talked to you about my collaboration with Devernois, historical knitwear brand. This is their very first Lab capsule: oversize dresses and sweaters, with strong prints and punchy colors. Hurry up: these made in France sweaters and dresses are only available during december on their e-shopContinue Reading…

Bons Plans

Shop Small: Kids

15 December 2016

idees cadeaux noel enfants made in france createurs artisanat

This year, theme for Christmas wish-list on the blog is “shop small”: which means buying gifts from young designers, craftsmen, small and medium-sized companies which make a great job and which are too rarely mentioned in magazines shopping-lists. I started yesterday with adults, so here comes the made in France Christmas list for the children ! Continue Reading…