Make-up and glasses

29 November 2016

Ouch!! I already forgot my september resolutions…I wanted to post videos more regularly, but I gost lost between French Cocotte new models, Made in France exhibition in Paris, and, and, and…..Don’t move, I’ll ask some advice to Shiva, and I’ll be back. STOP, who cares, I’m late, but here I am !  Continue Reading…


Lyon: my favorite vintage shops

27 October 2016

friperies mode vintage lyon blogueuse

As I often talk about vintage , upcycling and so on on the blog, I thought that maybe time had come to also chat about second-hand clothing shops. Here I’m gonna talk about vintage clothes shops in Lyon. Good thing here is that almost all of them are located in the same area, so it’s very easy to make a vintage shopping session! Continue Reading…


Do it like Donna!

23 October 2016

Unbelievable: today, I propose you Donna Martin’s bun tutorial ! I’m not sure if you remember this bun from your Beverly Hills period, but I do! And to tell you the truth, I really liked this hairstyle, it even became THE hairstyle for me when I was younger. Continue Reading…


Maxi Belt

18 October 2016

ceinture large et robe longue hippie chic tendance

Maxi Belt is a currently a hot trend, and I like it! It’s the perfect final touch to a look. If you take this IKKS  long dress for example, I think it’s very nice, but if you imagine it without this large leather belt, it’s another style, perhaps little less original. Continue Reading…


Fall-Winter 16 shopping: shoes

11 October 2016

selection chaussures fabrication francaise rentree 2016

What do you think about a small wish-list of made in France shoes? I made a shopping-list for this starting fall-winter season: almost for all budgets ! And I’m happy because I found brands I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet. Let’s go: Continue Reading…


Folk half-up ponytail

9 October 2016

What do you think of very small small small hair tutorial?? No frankly: we seek more often nice but quick and simple hairstyles rather than stuffs which require 1 hour to understand the tutorial, 2 hours to find accessories and 3 hours to….finally be disappointed about the result. Ah ah, I feel that I will be quite embarrassed next time I will show you a bit complicated hairstyle (hashtag contradiction)… Continue Reading…


Shorts and Jacket

4 October 2016

combo blazer short en jean blogueuse mode

Quiiiiiick before it’s too late! A suit jacket, denim shorts and bare legs taking as much Vitamin D as they can before hibernating.  Of course fall is a beautiful season, but to be honest, making layers with my clothes also makes me feel lazy.  Continue Reading…


DIY: rolling bookcase

30 September 2016

DIY bibliotheque roulettes enfants

Hi! Today I’m back with a deco DIY: how to manufacture a rolling bookcase for children? This homedeco DIY post came to me while I was looking at this small bookcase that I ordered my man a few months ago.  We’ve been using it for months now, and suddenly I was like “Hey! You think this small bookcase is nice and useful, so it may inspire someone else now”. Of course! Continue Reading…


Tan skin Make-up

25 September 2016

A promise is due! After my hair tutorial last week, here I am, back with a make-up video: all about my summer and september make-up.  It was almost too late to show it to you because at that period of the year, you lose your tan very quickly and in a few weeks, I’ll have to change my make-up routine to make it more autumnalContinue Reading…


Blogging: Camera

13 September 2016

blog mode quel appareil photo choisir conseils

I just had the idea to write this post as I like to know which camera the bloggers I follow currently use of prefer. So, I thought it might be interesting to chat a little bit about the camera you need as a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger. Continue Reading…