Tan skin Make-up

25 September 2016

A promise is due! After my hair tutorial last week, here I am, back with a make-up video: all about my summer and september make-up.  It was almost too late to show it to you because at that period of the year, you lose your tan very quickly and in a few weeks, I’ll have to change my make-up routine to make it more autumnalContinue Reading…


Blogging: Camera

13 September 2016

blog mode quel appareil photo choisir conseils

I just had the idea to write this post as I like to know which camera the bloggers I follow currently use of prefer. So, I thought it might be interesting to chat a little bit about the camera you need as a fashion, beauty or lifestyle blogger. Continue Reading…


Summer Evenings

25 August 2016

etole tissage jacquard fabrication francaise

There is a time I truly love during summer: the early evening, particularly in the countryside oy by the sea. When heat falls and fresh air is back. You took a shower, so no more sweat, salt, chlorine (check boxes), but no pajamas, no, you choose your second outfit of the day! When you go out of course, you won’t dress like if you chill at home. Continue Reading…


Long Dress

27 July 2016

robe longue ete style hippie blog mode

When looking at this picture, I just have one word that comes: “perfect”. Not talking about me of course! There is first of all the stunning Santorini, this incredible view, this perfect wind that refreshes me just right,  an unprepared photo just taken with my mobile, and a summer light and long dress as I love. Continue Reading…


Highwaisted Bikini

20 July 2016

bikini taille haute retro quelle morphologie blog mode

Some new stuffs among my swimsuits for this summer: highwaisted bikini. Last year I made a selection of made in France swimsuits for you. And so I told you about Acqua Bazaar brand: I truly love their patterns. Last month as I saw that in this summer collection, there were highwaisted panties, I had to buy one! Continue Reading…


Summer look

30 June 2016

mini jupe fabriquee en france madais blog mode

Finally a summer look on the blog!!! I was about to despair. A look that smells like holidays: flat sandals (my famous gladiator sandals) to walk comfortably and my legs which can finally see the daylight! In fact this is my typical outfit for holidays: mini-skirt or shorts, sandals and nice jewels. Continue Reading…

Bons Plans Shopping

Tolix: factory sales!

27 June 2016

chaises tolix pas cher soldes

This is exceptional and so I had to give you this shopping tip: Tolix factory sales are organized this week-end in Autun (71)! Yes, you read correctly: for now it happened only once, one year ago, and  regarding the success, the made in France design brand organizes a new one where you’ll be able to buy cheap Tolix furniture!! Continue Reading…


50 shades of gray

23 June 2016

blogueuse mode et creatrice made in france

OK, I’m pretty sure you’re warm just at looking at these pictures, and yet they are only a few days old. A ray of sunshine and hop camera come over here, it seems that it’s almost beautiful outside: let’s make some photos for the blog.

This day, it was a 50 shades of gray outfit with a red lipstick to avoid gloom. I FINALLY could wear my Marcel 50 nuances d’Audrey! Because of the very bad weather lastly, I only have been able to wear it once at a Mama Shelter party in Lyon. Whereas I showed you several Audrey we love wearing it, I was eager to wear it myself!

Those who follow me from the beginning may have recognized the famous Saint James vest borrowed from my man and which inspired me to launch this blog: collector for me!

In fact, without noticing I realise while I’m watching these photos that this outfit combines everything I like, my passion for French manufacturing, work of passionate craftsmen, and the little way I made with you from the beginning. If I had known where buying this jeacket would lead me!

Well, let’s stop philosophy and let’s go back to futility: I promise that next time I’ll be back with a more appropriate look regarding the weather.0

Signed by: your devoted who is writing to you sitting in front of her PC wearing a tank top and shorts and drinking iced Perier.

Made in France: la French Cocotte Marcel, Saint James Vest, Repetto babies / Paul and Joe sunglasses, IRO jeans

marcel made in france 50 nuances audreyblogueuse mode lyon creatrice made in franceblog mode lyon creatrice made in france la french cocottemarcel femme made in france personnalise


Garden Chairs

21 June 2016

chaises jardin made in france tolix grosfillex fermob lafuma maison drucker

Well, it’s been a while I did not talk about decoration on the blog! In this very first day of Summer, I decided to make a selection of made in France outdoor chairs to decorate your balcony or terraces. After sandals, now garden chairs: if this is not a clear message sent to the weather!! Continue Reading…


Sandals: 10 great models!

16 June 2016

sandales plates made in france 2016

I don’t know if you feel the same, but I could collect flat sandals. Whether they are gladiator, gypset, traditional, chic or fake sandals: we want them all! So,  naturally, you can see what I’m about to say: I prepared for you a selection of 10 models of made in France sandals. As usual, it’s a selection for all budgets and styles! Continue Reading…