Lovely earrings

13 December 2017

boucles oreilles made in france createurs 2018

It’s been a while I wanted to prepare you a shopping-list of made in France earrings, and I must admit it took me a while. It’s not a bad thing actually, as winter has arrived since then, and earrings are perfect to boost our face and look : perfect with a cuddly sweater or a lovely blouse !  Continue Reading…


Hair SOS !

1 October 2017

Sea salt, sun, chlorine : your hair has suffered during summer…and it’s now deeply damaged ! Did you come back from holidays with a straw on your head, just like me ? Continue Reading…


Flower Power

27 July 2017


panier french cocotte robe java fleurie heimstone

Today, I’m happy to show you a 100% made in France outfit ! When I look at the photos, I realise that I mostly wear plain colors. And yet I truly love pattern, but on other people obviously ! Because I have very few pieces. Such a shame: I love Flower Power ! Continue Reading…


OR DU MONDE: ethical jewelry

18 July 2017

bijoux ethiques made in france or du monde

Girls, let’s talk about jewelry, all right ? Some years ago after having watched / read reports on consequences on the environment and human beings of gold panning and exploitation of precious stones, I told my man: “please don’t ever offer me a diamond, I don’t want any”. I think that in 13 years, it’s one of the rare thing I never had to repeat. Message received 5/5, incredible. Continue Reading…


Empty products !

2 July 2017

New Beauty category on the blog : empty products. And now you can ask: what is the point ? The idea is to talk about products I loved, that I will certainly buy again but also about those I did not like and even hated.  In short, a sort of like / dislike of the latest cosmetics I tested. Continue Reading…

Beautiful France

1 week on Ré Island

27 June 2017

visiter ile de re jolies facades fleuries blog voyage

Ah, Re Island… A revelation for me. Here is what comes to me when I think of Re: beautiful, genuine, chic but not bling, sweet to live, preserved. Now, you know: I love Re Island. So, I wanted to make a small guide for you to discover Re in one week or more ! Continue Reading…

Jeux Concours

Contest: let’s celebrate Summer !

22 June 2017

concours ete blog made in france

Summer has come early this year ! I won’t complain I promise; the only problem is that this weather makes me want to fly away everyday. To celebrate this nice period of holidays – chill out – rosé wine, I invited 4 made in France brands to spoil you. Let me tell you more about this summer contest !  Continue Reading…


Girls shopping: 8 summer dresses

13 June 2017

robe fillette made in france mademoiselle a pau

Hum hum, sorry, I did not write a lot here in this category dedicated to made in France stuffs for kids. Yet summer has come now, and I suddenly decided to make a selection just for you: 8 summer dresses for girls which are manufactured in France. All crushes !I was very careful to select natural materials only, because it’s essential for me ! Continue Reading…


Mother and daughter: mariniere

6 June 2017

vestiaire mere fille mariniere made in france

Oh, it’s been really a while since I’ve talked about mariniere here… The idea came to me as I saw my younger daughter and I dressed like this. As you can imagine, the way we dress our kids says a lot about our relationship to clothes, fashion and image, I may talk about this here one day. So, of course, since there were babies, my daughters have been wearing marinieres: there have cotton marinieres or Armor Lux woolen sweaters. I love them so much ! Continue Reading…

70s Babe

23 May 2017

t-shirt femme blanc made in france french cocotte

70s Babe ! Well, if you already know me, you may know that I’m clearly a 70s Babe, both literally and figuratively ! So I had to imagine a T-Shirt that screams my love for those years, inevitably. So, if you haven’t seen it yet, here comes, tadam…70s Babe T-Shirt by French Cocotte. Continue Reading…


Radiant make-up

21 May 2017

New video is on !! And you are gonna ask where the hell I’ve been. Well, every, everywhere, but not on that blog obviously. I made thousands of things for French Cocotte, the blog and now I’m back ! Thanks to all of you who came to see me on exhibitions, it was so cool !! And apart from all this: here is my looking good make-up tutorial. To sum up: it’s my fav make-up to get rid of winter which lingers too long this year. Continue Reading…

French Cocotte: 70s or 80s Babe ?

16 May 2017

t shirt french cocotte fabrication francaise style vintage

Oh, oh, THANKS, THANKS a million for your warm welcome to my last Collection “On dirait le Sud“. Brigitte and Jane Tops are sold out…Well, as summer hasn’t arrived yet, I organised a restocking. But not only, because I wanted to introduce you my brand new model: 70s Babe or 80s Babe T-Shirt: you shall choose your team ! Continue Reading…